Our Business at a Glance

By offering many different products, our clients have large range of options to choose from as per their application and printing facility.

We provide different Silicone coatings on Release Liner as per your industrial application and requirement.

DEE DEE LABEL Provides customized tailored label solutions also and help client develop entirely new solution to meet.

You choose face material as per your requirement & we provide you release liner and adhesive as per your printing equipment & application aspects.

A release liner is a paper or Film based material used for different applications in many industries.

A special release agent is coated on a base paper to make release liner. It has different applications in Self Adhesive Labels, tapes, hygiene, healthcare, Industrial, etc. Our brand SiLease gives our customer best quality Release at best prices.

  • White Glassine Release Paper
  • Yellow Glassine Release Paper
  • Honey Glassine Release Paper
  • Clay Coated Kraft Release Paper
  • Super Calendared Kraft Release Paper
  • Poly Coated Release Paper
  • Polyester Release

The above release liners come in different GSMs, microns and Size depending on applications.

Pressure sensitive labels come in Coated, Uncoated Papers as well as Filmic. Every pressure sensitive labels have different applications in different industries. With many range of adhesives that our company offers we can make wide range of label stock depending on various parameters like temperature, texture of surface, type of printing, etc.

We can recommend the backing paper that is the Release liner to use as per the machine printability and speed of dispensing.

Printability of Our Material

  • Flexography Printing Machine
  • Plain barcode punching machine
  • Flatbed Machine
  • Offset Printing Machine
  • Digital Printing Machine
  • Gravure Printing Machine
  • Intermittent Printing Machine